This program is approved by the Utah Nurse Assistant Registry (UNAR) and conforms to curriculum requirements of that agency. Utah CNA Training Centers is the BEST option for CNA classes!

Program Expectations and Pre-requisites

Students must be at least 16 years of age and must be proficient in English both written and oral. Students need a BP cuff and stethoscope on the first day of class. All students in all locations must wear scrubs (any color) during the entire program including clinicals.

Please enroll in a program you know you can attend – it is difficult to make up this time and the UNAR requires 100% attendance for ALL 100 hours without exception. Call us for more information.

$550 Tuition includes

  • Use of a Textbook
  • Workbook you can keep
  • 76 Hours of CNA classroom instruction at our state of the art training facilities on approved  equipment!
  • 24 Hours of CNA clinical instruction at one of our many health care facilities in Utah!

Confirm your seat in our next CNA class with just a deposit of $195! The remaining balance is due before the 1st day of class. All supplies, handouts and purchases will be available on the first day of class. Read more about Tuition, Fees, and Supplies.

Equipment & Supplies

Required Equipment for Class:
You do not need to purchase these required items from Utah CNA Training Centers. We offer them for your convenience. Required items are:

  • Blood pressure cuff & stethoscope: $40
  • Watch with a second hand: (Currently unavailable for purchase from the school)

Optional Equipment and Resources:

  • New Textbook: $35. You can purchase your own textbook instead of using a loaner.
  • Gait Belt: $15. This is used to transfer patients, and you can practice with them in class.
  • Basic Life Support CPR: $50 ($40 after discount) ALL Certified Nurse Assistants working in health care in Utah are required to have a CPR card. After you’ve enrolled in your CNA class, you will receive a coupon code to save $10 and you learn from the best.
    Read more about Tuition, Fees, and Supplies.


A clinical rotation allows a student to ‘shadow’ a working CNA in a long term care facility for the purposes of ‘practicing’ what you have learned on a real patient. This is considered part of your training and the state requires all CNAs to have completed 24 hours of clinical rotation time. Clinical hours are scheduled for you by Utah CNA Centers. Read more about Clinicals


The Utah Nurse Assistant Registry (UNAR) requires CNA students to attend a minimum of 100 hours of a CNA program. Of those 100 hours, 24 are required to be spent in a clinical rotation, so that leaves 76 hours of time that is spent in class. The UNAR does not allow anyone to become a CNA unless exactly 100 hours are completed. If you miss class or clinicals, even one minute of time, you will be required to make it up or you will not be able to sit for your exams and become a CNA. We enable you to sit in on other classes to make up missed time, but there is a limit to how much you can time you can make up. 

Only 8 hours can be made up – if you miss more than one full day or two evening classes, you will be dropped from the program and have to repeat it from the beginning. This also means that you would have to repay the entire tuition. If you have obligations that may cause you to miss class time, be thorough in selecting a class schedule where you will miss a minimum amount of time. If you know that you will miss more than 8 hours of class time, contact our admin office before registering for a class. Read more about Attendance.

State Exams

Students who complete this program are eligible to sit for the State of Utah exams (written and practical). These exams are not offered by the school and payment for the exams is made to the UNAR and not the school. The fees for these exams total $75. Read more about these exams in Tuition, Fees, and Supplies.

Additional Training

For more information about training as an Emergency Medical Technician or Advanced Emergency Medical Technician visit EMT UTAH or click here