Utah CNA LogoWelcome to Utah CNA Training Centers, the largest private provider of Nurse Assistant Education in Utah. We have five locations and train about 2,000 students every year. We are experts in CNA education. We LOVE our students and want you to be successful and to have a positive experience from the beginning to the day you begin your new job as a CNA! Here is some helpful information.

Please read this information carefully.

Dress Code: Students are required to wear scrubs and close toed shoes (no sandals please) every day. We are not strict on the first day, but if you arrive to class or clinicals after the first day, and you are not wearing scrubs (top and bottom), you will be sent home. The color does not matter.

Location: All locations are classroom facilities only; there are no services  and the rooms are not open except when classes are in session, except the Salt Lake Campus which is the Administrative Headquarters for Utah CNA Training Centers. For administrative assistance of any kind call us at 801.990.9333, visit us on the web www.utahcnacenters.com or visit our administrative offices at 1135 S. West Temple, SLC, UT 84101.

Do not call the school for directions to any location. We have too many students arriving all over the state to provide directions to each of them. So, please check out the maps on the website, use GPS and drive to the school PRIOR to the first day so you know where it is, how to get there and where to park. If you are late, you will have to make up the time, so know where you are going. We will NOT provide any directions to you over the phone. Orem is particularly hard to find, so please drive there before class.

Patience: Please bring a sense of humor, a positive attitude and some patience when you arrive. There are a number of processes we must complete on the first day. To speed up this process, read all the information we provide on the website, come to class on time, and pay your tuition before class begins.

Supplies: Students will be provided (or may purchase) the following:

Use of a Textbook: The textbook must be returned in excellent condition, do not write in it, spill anything on it, etc. You must return this book to us in good repair no later than the last day of class or on the last date of attendance if you drop. If a student fails to return the book, the student will be charged $40. Students who want their own textbook to keep may purchase a new one for $35.

A workbook is provided and the student can keep it to study for their upcoming state exams.

BP Cuff and Stethoscope is required on the FIRST DAY of class. If you do not have one, you may buy one from the school- please purchase this before the first day on our website Gear Shop. All supplies your purchased will be available to you in class on the first day.

Tuition Payments: Students are required to pay the deposit of $145 to enroll in the program. The final payment of $300 is due before or no later than the first day of class. Students are encouraged to pay this final payment BEFORE class on our website at: https://www.utahcnacenters.com/student-payment-portal/. We do not accept CASH, CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS in Logan, Clearfield, Murray or Orem. If you have to use this method of payment you must drop off such payment in this form before the first day of class to the administrative offices at 1135 S. West Temple, UT 84101. Please enclose a note that explains what the payment is for. DO NOT MAIL CASH. DO NOT MAIL MONEY ORDERS. DO NOT MAIL CHECKS. Using a credit card and paying online is recommended. Use the Student Payment Portal page for registered students to pay for tuition and the Gear Shop to purchase supplies and gear.