Service to our students does not end at  graduation. We are committed to helping students find just the right place to use their new CNA skills. We work closely with many local employers who pay special attention to our student graduates because they know we train the best Nursing Assistants in Utah.

If you are an employer, we have several options that allow you to connect with our students for potential recruitment:

Social Media Job Posting Program You can share job postings to our Facebook page. For more responses, contact us and can let us post it.

• Become a Workbook SponsorThe best way to reach and recruit our students. We allow a few organizations and facilities to place recruitment ads in the Utah CNA Training Centers Workbook. This book accompanies the textbook used in class and is distributed to each and every student who trains with us. With five locations in Utah, we train more students per year than any other school. Ad placement in our workbook provides exposure to hundreds of students at each campus each year.

Pitch to Our Classes – the last day of class is devoted to Professional Development and support for finding a job as a CNA. As part of this process, we invite 1-2 hiring recruiters to visit our classrooms and to ‘pitch’ to students.

Employer Scholarship Network Many employers of CNAs will hire entry-level candidates and cover tuition costs for the employee to obtain their CNA certification through an approved program like Utah CNA Training Centers. This network helps connect potential students/job-seekers with Employers of CNAs looking to sponsor an employee’s education. Contact us to be added to the list of Employers listed in our Employer Scholarship Network. 

If we can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for both students AND employers.