The $550 tuition for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training includes:

  • Enhanced Curriculum designed to focus on state exams
  • Online Test Prep Courses for Knowledge and Skills
  • Use of a Textbook: A textbook will be loaned(while supplies last) to you for the duration of your CNA class and must be returned at the end of the program. New books are available for purchase for you to keep (see Optional Equipment & Resources below)
  • Workbook: Utah CNA Centers has published a workbook for you to use in class and to keep after class ends.
  • Online course: The online course is 49 hours. The online portion includes a mixture of lecture videos, PowerPoint, quizzes, and exams. During the online course, you will need to attend 3 live orientations, held via zoom. Students will be able to schedule this through a sign-up link. 
  • Class Time: The course includes 51 hours of CNA classroom instruction at our training facilities on approved equipment.
  • Clinical Instruction: CNA students in the state of Utah are required to complete 24 hours of instruction time in a clinical setting; we schedule this time for you. Clinicals are waived during COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Discount on Basic Life Support CPR Class: Utah CNA Training Centers offers this very course at a discounted rate to students of the CNA program. The class is regularly $50, but CNA students enjoy a $10 discount.

Payment Process and Financing Options:
The deposit is $195 and is subtracted from the total tuition due. The remaining balance ($355) is due before the first day of class. Please log on to myUtahCNA to make your final payment or to purchase supplies. All supplies, handouts, and purchases will be available on the first day of class.

Utah CNA Centers does not offer Title IV student loans and does not participate in the Pell Grant program.

If you need financial assistance, there are organizations that will cover tuition costs for eligible students. Read more about the Employer Scholarship Network.

State Exam Fees:
To be a CNA, every student must complete an approved CNA program and pass the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP).  The NATCEP test is offered by the state and students must pay the associated exam fees to take it. These fees are paid to UNAR, not to Utah CNA Training Centers. The testing fees are paid online upon completion of your CNA course. The test has two parts: the Skills Examination and Written Examination.

  • Skills Examination: $55
  • Written Examination: $35
    Total Exam Cost: $90

Required Equipment for Class:
You do not need to purchase these required items from Utah CNA Training Centers, we offer them for your convenience. CNA students must have these items by the second day of class. Required items are:

  • Blood pressure cuff & stethoscope: $40
  • Watch with a secondhand: (Currently unavailable for purchase from the school)

Optional Equipment and Resources:

  • Gait Belt: $15 Students who buy one are able to use it in class – and will likely need it to work in many healthcare settings.
  • Basic Life Support CPR: $50 or $40 if you enroll and pay for a class while enrolled as a CNA student.  After you’ve enrolled in your CNA class, you will receive a coupon code to save $10 and you learn from the best.