clockThe Utah Nurse Assistant Registry requires students to attend a minimum of 100 hours in a program, of which a minimum of 24 hours is spent in a clinical setting.

If you miss class or clinicals, you will be required to make it up prior to receiving a Completion Certificate and be made eligible to test with UNAR.

Requirements for being recommended to test:
• 76 hours of classroom instruction and skills pass off
• Vital Sign Log
• Pass all chapter quizzes at 80% or better
• Passed off all skills 100% competency prior to clinicals
• Attended 24 hours of clinical rotation
• Paid all tuition and fees
• Returned the Textbook in good condition or have purchased one.

If you have missed any skills pass offs, class or clinical time or if you have not passed all quizzes, submitted your Clinical Activity Sheet, or failed to turn in your Vital Sign Log, you will have to make this up. Students have 30 calendar days to make up time or work. If a student does not complete the program in 30 days after the last day of the program in which they were enrolled, the student will not be recommended.

Students who have missed time in class or missed a clinical must make up ALL time in order to be recommended for testing by the State of Utah. Students who know they will miss time are advised to notify the school office (801.990.9333) and their instructor(s) on the first day of class.

Only 8 hours can be ‘made up’

If a student knows that they will need to miss time in class or in clinicals, please notify the instructor AND the office (801.990-9333) on the first day of class or as soon as possible. The reason for missing a class or clinical must be reasonable.

Students who miss a clinical must pay a $50 re-scheduling fee.

Students are required to sign the roll at the beginning and end of each class and at the beginning and end of each clinical rotation. Failure to sign the roll means the student’s attendance in that class is not counted.

(A rescheduling fee of $50 must be paid before we will reschedule your clinical rotation). 

Students who need to make up anything, must receive a Missing Voucher at the end of class which details what must be completed. Students have 30 days to complete a program.