Exclusive, Online Test Prep courses that focus ONLY on what you need to know to pass your state exams. 


We are required to teach many concepts, skills and information in the state approved program that is NOT on the state exams but is considered important to know to work as a CNA. The two online Test Prep courses are included in the $495 tuition, they focus only on what you need to know to pass your state of Utah exams.

Knowledge Test Prep: This includes access to all our classroom Power Points, a copy of the UNAR Curriculum, and Power Points on all 16 units tested on the written exam. These act as a study guide. The course also includes flash card programs online that help you learn vocabulary, diseases, abbreviations, body positions, and more.

Skills Test Prep: In response to the way skills are tested, we made our own videos that demonstrate the exact steps you need to perform at the state exam. The videos add specific focus on critical steps and the precise order of steps to follow. These videos are a great way to really get comfortable with all 22 tested skills.