State-Wide Pass Rates Have Dropped Since New Testing Began

When the Utah Nurse Assistant Registry (UNAR) changed testing protocols in July 2017, pass rates dropped across the state at all schools, particularly for skills.

In response to this, Utah CNA Training Centers created an enhanced curriculum with additional focus on skills and testing questions. The Student Workbook was updated and the PPT presentations were improved to more closely follow the UNAR curriculum and testing standards.

We are also in the process of creating two new ‘courses’ – Test Prep courses that will focus ONLY on what you need to know to pass your state exams. 

TEST PREPARATION Courses Coming in January 2019

We are required to teach many concepts, skills and information in the state approved program that is NOT on the state exams but is considered important to know to work as a CNA. This leaves us less time to specifically focus on the state exams only. The two Test Prep courses are included in the $495 tuition and will be available in January 2019.* They will focus only on what you need to know to pass your state of Utah exams.

Knowledge Test Prep: This includes access to all our classroom Power Points, a copy of the UNAR Curriculum, and Power Points on all 16 units tested on the written exam. These act as a study guide. The course also includes flash card programs online that help you learn vocabulary, diseases, abbreviations, body positions, and more.

Skills Test Prep: In response to the new way skills are tested we made our own videos that demonstrate the exact steps you need to perform at the state exam. The new videos add specific focus on Critical Steps and the precise order of steps to follow. These videos are a great way to really get comfortable with all 22 tested skills. Additionally, there are 22 assignments that help you memorize the steps for all skill. Learning what the steps are and getting comfortable so the steps are second nature to you will really help you pass this challenging exam.

If you have already taken a CNA program, you can register for either test prep course online in January 2019, even if you did not attend Utah CNA Centers. These are found on the home page of our website If you paid $495 the test prep courses are included. Contact us at 801.990.9333 for more information.

*Students who pay tuition of $495 for classes starting before January 2019, will receive access to the Test Prep Courses in January. Those wishing to complete state exams in December may do so, but testing time slots will be limited. Students who wait until January to test will have the added benefit of using the Test Prep courses to prepare for exams.