A gradeTestimonials and comments from students who have recently taken and experienced the CNA training from Utah CNA Training Centers!!

What I like about this school is the fact that you can actually reach someone when you call. They have a full-time staff and three of us in our class got hired from our clinical rotation. They are so organized and everything is so smooth. I loved the class and the teachers. And I am now taking a Computer class and a Phlebotomy class too. This place is the real deal – everyone in the business knows the school and everyone I know at work got their training here. A GREAT School. ~ Diane H.

This class was great because of all the hands-on teaching and instruction that was organized from the book. I felt like I had a good example of how to be personable with the people (residents). – Garrett B.

I enjoyed the manner in which the skills were taught and supervised. The instructor was very helpful, kind and attentive to any need. Great experience!  – Nancy T.


I have appreciated the quality of the classes and the instructors. In the future, if colleagues also need to acquire their certification, I will recommend you to them. – Warren S.


The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and each lesson was well covered. This class is amazing because you can get it done very fast. The material was great and the class was very efficient. – Robyn H.


I loved how this was an accelerated course. I was able to quickly take the class, do clinicals, take my exam and get out in the workforce. – James C.


The teachers are so nice and knowledgeable, who couldn’t love them! Looking back on my clinical experience, the facility was great and so were the CNA’s. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. – Amanda F.


The Teachers were helpful and friendly. They were willing to let us jump in and learn !! The textbook was easy to read. The workbook really helped cement concepts. I loved learning how to do things with all the equipment the school has and then to apply that when working with a real patient. – Andrea L.


The facility was great and I was given lots of opportunity to learn and do the things I learned in class. Just a great experience overall! I liked that I could retake a class if I needed to or as a refresher. – Christina D.


I loved how this course was fast and to the point. When doing clinicals it was so good to know I had learned and was able to apply so much from the course. – Bree A.


I loved the flexibility of classes and inexpensiveness of the course. All the instructors were great, intelligent, professional and personable. The clinicals were very helpful and re-assuring! The residents were very helpful and understanding with helping us as students. – Kyle P.


The textbook and workbook are great. They are easy to follow and refer back to for studying. It was informative and I loved the instructors, they were super knowledgeable. – Courtney K.


The teachers were wonderful and taught us well, they were very flexible with absences, test taking and classes and I was grateful for affordable education. – Chad H.


This class went by fast and I was able to work at my own pace. The instructors did a really good job explaining in detail the things not in the book. I liked being able to practice skills with the instructor watching. – Brent W.


I enjoyed working with the other CNA’s, they were intelligent and very nice. They answered a lot of my questions and concerns. The patients were all great as well. – Brooke M.


The instructors were so willing to help us learn. They shared personal real life stories and were very personable. They have a lot of experience to draw upon. – Wendy G.


I really enjoyed my two weeks learning CNA. I learned and moved quickly all thanks to the school’s dedication and understanding. – Ryan W.


This course was very flexible and can be completed quickly. The faculty was very friendly and the instructors were so helpful. What a great experience! – Melissa H.


The thing I loved most about this course is the one on one time you get with the instructor if you didn’t understand how to do a skill. – Audrey G.


I love and appreciate how they will work with you on schedules and the teachers help you with understanding the coarse and they have the patience to go over information when needed. I gained a lot of experience when it was hands on and that was very rewarding. – Rachel R.


loved this program. The instructors were engaging and professional and the program was well organized and fun. I passed my state exams and begin work as a CNA on Monday. Thanks so much everyone. And a shout-out to Sharon too. – Barbara T.