Utah CNA Training Centers is the largest provider of CNA education in Utah. Placing a recruitment ad in our Workbook is a simple, inexpensive, and long-lasting way to reach potential employees!

This is a proprietary study guide that complements the online course and textbook that we use during the online portion of the course.  The study guide is included in tuition so every student gets one and they regularly access it after graduation.  We will print your recruitment ad in the study guide and it will go to every student in all of our locations with the bulk of them going to both Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Included in this program:
  1. A full-page black and-white recruitment ad describing your employment opportunity in the CNA student study guide. Be sure to create an ad that appeals to potential employees. Do not use the ad you use to recruit clients or patients.
  2. A directory of all the sponsors at the front of the Workbook and the ad placed on the pages of the workbook
  3. Your logo and description on our webpage under Preferred Employers/Sponsors
  4. Exclusive first access to time slots to Pitch to Our Classes

If you are interested in highlighting your organization contact us at 801.990.9333 for pricing information.

This is one way to reach out to potential employees all year without having to think about it. Another way to make this sponsorship more effective is to Post regularly on our Facebook Page. See the Social Media Job Posting Program to learn more about posting to Facebook. Also, read about our Employer Scholarship Network.