Sponsor Our Workbook 2017


        Utah CNA Training Centers is the largest provider of CNA education in Utah. Placing a recruitment ad in our Workbook is a simple, inexpensive and long-lasting way to reach potential employees for a year!

Sponsor our 2017 Student CNA Workbook

This is a proprietary workbook that complements the textbook we use in class and the newest edition will be even better than the last.  The workbook is included in tuition so every student gets one. It contains vital information and graduates report they access it after graduation.  We will print your recruitment ad in the workbook and it will go to every student in all six of our locations with the bulk of them going to Salt Lake and Utah County.

  • Included in this program:
    1. A full or half page black and white recruitment ad describing your employment opportunity. Be sure to create an ad that appeals to potential employees. Do not use the ad you use to recruit clients or patients.
    2. A directory of all the sponsors at the front of the Workbook and the ad placed in the pages of the workbook
    3. Your logo and description on our webpage under Preferred Employers.
    4. Your logo and ad placed on a bulletin board in each of our five (soon six) locations
    5. A PowerPoint Presentation reviewed in class will highlight your organization.
    6. BONUS: We will issue each organization a Voucher for one free CNA class a year for sponsors who print a half page ad ($425 value) and two vouchers for sponsors who print a full page ad ($850 Value). This can be used at any location at any time in 2017 (*rules apply)

The ads are limited in number and several pages have already sold out. If you are interested in highlighting your organization contact us at 801.990.9333. We will email you the details and the agreement.

We will also include your logo and description of your organization/facility on our website under Preferred Employer Recommendations on the CNA program description page.

Cost: (All pages are 81/2” x 11”and  you can place a full or half page ad)

  • A half-page ad is $400 for the year
  • A full page ad is $700 for the year
  • The Back Cover is $900 for the year (only one available)
  • For agencies / organizations with multiple locations, it is an additional $100 for each location after the first one.

This is one way to reach out to potential employees all year without having to think about it. Another way to make this sponsorship more effective is to Post regularly to our Facebook Page – See Post on the side bar and to pitch to our classes – see Pitch on the side bar.

Compassion Corps: We encourage all CNA employers to join the Utah CNA Compassion Corps and to get involved in our community service opportunities, and to take advantage of our workshops and free in-service trainings. We love our CNAs and want to encourage more people to become a CNA and more employers to engage in activities that demonstrate respect for and gratitude towards these amazing people! Click here to Join the Compassion Corps.

*rules: Once a voucher number is used in the system it cannot be used again. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced. If a student uses a voucher and then does not attend it cannot be re-issued. If you allow an employee to use a voucher make sure they attend!