Now-HiringWith the current shortage of CNAs at an all-time high, we are excited to introduce our “Pitch to the Class” program to help you remain fully staffed. This program, for Workbook Sponsors only, allows you to spend 15 minutes with our students, telling them all the wonderful reasons why your company would be the best one to work for.  With five locations, this equals five times the exposure with five times the opportunity to hire.
Pitch to the Class takes place on the last day of class where the students’ focus for the day is “Professional Development and Support for Finding a CNA Job.” As part of this process, we invite 1-2 hiring recruiters to visit our classrooms to ‘pitch’ to the students. In order to make this effective, and in keeping with our program objectives. it is important for you to:

  • be prepared to describe the duties and working environment in the industry you represent: long term care, hospice and home health, hospitals, etc.
  • bring a novelty item (pens, paper pads, etc) or something – nothing fancy or expensive, just something that might catch their attention. Class sizes vary, but usually run between 18-30 students. If you’d like an exact count, feel free to contact the administration office at  801.990.9333.
  • to bring brochures, business card, applications, whatever you need to get the students to come in for an interview.
  • remember: your presentation can not be longer than 15 minutes. Please plan to arrive on time and to leave when done.

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