$550 tuition includes:

  • Essential CNA Curriculum 
  • Enhanced State Exam Preparation Read More
  • Loaner Textbook (Hartman’s The Nursing Basics 5th edition)
  • Discount on Basic Life Support CPR
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • State Testing Fees not included ($90). Read about Tuition & Fees
  • Interactive Online Course (ALL your online course work is kept within our learning system (No third-party links or tests held on other websites.) 
  • Being the biggest CNA School in Utah comes with access to all of our campuses. (Meaning even if you register for Orem or any other campus If our in-person dates at a different campus work better for you can sign up!) 

Utah CNA Centers will be introducing a hybrid course approved by UNAR and meets the state requirements. Requirements will include 49% online and 51% in-person. Students will still be able to enjoy accelerated courses through us and can be done within 2 weeks of starting (results on finishing within that time period is dependent on you!) 

This course is self-paced you will have 60 days to finish everything including your online course work, In-person training, and clinical hours. On average students finish within 2-3 weeks of their start date! 

Call us today to register! 801-990-9333 


  • Must be 16 years of age or older
  • Must be proficient in English, both written and oral (State exams offered only in English)
  • Must use your legal name when registering

Required Supplies:
NOTE: If you do not purchase the required supplies from Utah CNA Centers, you are still required to have them for class!

  • *Textbook: Utah CNA Centers offers a loaned textbook (included) or the option to purchase a new textbook ($35). While loaner books will still be available at this time, students are encouraged to purchase a new textbook, if possible. Having your own copy of the textbook is not only more sanitary but also provides you the chance to make notes and keep your book after the class ends to help you prepare for State Tests. 
  • Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope*
  • Watch with a second hand (No smart watches, these are not allowed when testing with state)
    *These items are available for purchase from the school, but maybe purchased anywhere. Read more about all supplies by visiting the Program Overview.

Start Dates:

Students will start as soon as they are paid in full. 

How to register for our hybrid course: 

  1. Register by picking a preferred campus, once you have chosen a campus give us a call we will get you registered and ship out your loaner book/purchased supplies you can register by calling (801)990-9333 or by emailing Jose@utahcnacenters.com(please provide your contact information). 
  2. Once registered you will receive access to our online course you will need to enroll within 24 hours. You are able to work on the online curriculum at any point it is self-paced you will have a time frame of finishing your online work within 30 days.
  3. After completing the online work you will receive a roster link from your instructor so you can sign up for the 40 hours of in person. The 40 hours are broken down to (5) 8hr days 8:30am-5:00pm or (10) 4hr days 6:00pm-10:00pm
  4. After attending your in-person time you will be ready to schedule state exams. 

Don’t have a computer?It is possible to complete the online coursework on a phone or tablet. You will, however, need reliable internet access. 



**TO REGISTER YOU MUST CALL 801-990-9333**