$550 tuition includes:

  • Essential CNA Curriculum (Now Online) 
  • Interactive Workbook (Now online)
  • Enhanced State Exam Preparation Read More
  • Informative Textbook*
  • 16 Hrs. Small-group Skills Training
  • Discount on Basic Life Support CPR
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • State Testing Fees not included ($85). Read about Tuition & Fees



  • Must be 16 years of age or older
  • Must be proficient in English, both written and oral (State exams offered only in English)
  • Must use your legal name when registering

Required Supplies:
NOTE: If you do not purchase the required supplies from Utah CNA Centers, you are still required to have them AT ORIENTATION

  • *Textbook: Utah CNA Centers offers a loaned textbook (included) or the option to purchase a new textbook ($35). While loaner books will still be available at this time, students are encouraged to purchase a new textbook, if possible. Having your own copy of the textbook is not only more sanitary, but also provides you the chance to make notes and keep your book after the class ends to help you prepare for State Tests. 
  • Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope*
  • Watch with a second hand
    *These items are available for purchase from the school, but may be purchased anywhere. Read more about all supplies by visiting the Program Overview.

Taking the Course Online – 

  1. Register for class by signing up for an orientation date at your preferred campus.
  2. Review the Pre-Orientation Learning Material sent to you via email to prepare for the skills practice at orientation. (Obtain required supplies or purchase online from us)
  3. Pay the tuition by orientation day and you will be given access to the online classroom after you attend. (If not purchased from us, bring required supplies to Orientation!)
  4. Complete the online coursework
  5. Attend 16 hours of skills training and you’re ready to schedule state exams.

Don’t have a computer?It is possible to complete the online coursework on a phone or tablet. You will, however, need reliable internet access. 

The course under COVID-19 restrictions is not entirely “online”. Students will need to attend in-person for two things (Facemasks/coverings required at in-person trainings):

1stOrientation (which will be held on the “start date” that you register for on the following page.) I.E. if you sign up for the upcoming Clear-field Day class that starts on the 27th of April, then the Orientation will be the 27th of April. We have times underneath each orientation day; those times do not indicate that the student needs to be “online” at those specific times. This is the time of in-person orientation. You can move at your own pace but you will have a deadline of 30 days to complete after you receive the course key via email. The dead line is ONLY for the online portion. The more time you put into the self-paced course, the faster you can get done. If you need an extension past the 30 days for the online curriculum you will need to reach out to your online instructor. Facemasks/coverings are required and will not be provided at Orientation.

2ndSkills practice. The state has waived the 24 hours of clinicals; in place of a minimum 16 hours of skills practice supervised by an instructor. Students will schedule these after they have finished all of their online curriculum and passed our final exam. Upon completing the 16 hours of skills time you will be done and completed within a week and be emailed a completion certificate. At this point, you will be recommended to UNAR and eligible to pay for and schedule your state exams. Facemasks/coverings are required and will not be provided at Skills Practice.