Expanding CNA Education

It is not today, but we have been informed that by August 2015, the hour requirement for an approved Utah CNA Program will increase from 80 to 100. This will add one more day of clinicals at least, bringing the total to a minimum of 24 hours in a long term care facility, and then an additional 12 hours in the classroom. Since the curriculum is not set to change (it was just updated in July 2014), we are engaged in talks about what we can use this time for.

Already we are adding Independent Learning Centers to each location. Laminated skill sheets, scenarios, matching games, vocabulary cards etc, will be a welcome addition to time spent waiting to pass off skills.  Now we need to decide what areas in the curriculum need expansion or more time.

We look forward to hearing from you, our students, graduates and community. What aspect of the current CNA curriculum would you like to see expanded? Email us at info@utahcnacenters.com and share your ideas.