Once a student registers for a program and pays the deposit, the student may receive a full refund if a student notifies the school that he or she has decided not to attend the program within three business days after making payment – this cooling off period extends to midnight of the third day after payment is made. This notification must be in writing, fax, in person, via email, or over the phone (but not by leaving a voice mail message).

If a student pays the deposit and drops out of the program before the first day of class but after three days of making payment, the student will receive a refund of any money paid minus the deposit. If a student drops out of a program after the program has begun, the student is not entitled to a refund of any money. Any products or supplies purchased by the student that has not been delivered are refundable. Students are not eligible for a refund for supplies and purchases once a program begins and the student takes possession. Supplies and equipment may not be returned.

Refunds are not offered because you are upset, or dissatisfied with the program, or with the school or the website, equipment, supplies, the instructor or aide, or if someone offended you, or something was said or done that you did not like. We are facilitators of your education but are not providing a service or product. We do our best to make sure you have the best experience possible, but we are not able to accommodate every wish or concern of every student. Refunds are not made after the class begins except if a student submits a hardship request for an exception to the refund policy and it is awarded.

All refunds are processed within 45 days (usually within 1-2 weeks) after the institution’s determination that the student is owed a refund.

Hardship Request Policy: A student can apply for a hardship exception to the refund policy by filling out a request and submitting it and documentation to the school via the website. Only students may apply (unless the student is in some way incapacitated in which case a parent or other related party may submit the request on behalf of the student). Otherwise we do not accept requests from parents, friends or others unless the student is a minor in which case the parent or guardian must submit the request and all documentation. The request must be made within ten days after the hardship event occurs for us to even consider a hardship request. We MAY consider an exception only under the following exceptions (please do not submit a request if your issue does not involve one of the following exceptions – issues with work, personal problems, child care issues, etc. do not qualify as an exception):

1) if you receive activation orders from any branch of the military (you must not have known about this prior to the class start date and the activation must occur while you would still be enrolled)

2) if you are hospitalized or so sick you cannot attend class and have evidence of treatment by a physician or hospitalization (notes from chiropractors, therapists etc. are not accepted)

3) if you are incarcerated, or

4) if an immediate family member dies while you are in enrolled (mother, father, sister, or brother).

The student must fill out a hardship request form located on the website and submit it to the office. The student must also include VERIFIABLE documentation (hospital records, a letter from an attorney, your military orders, a doctor’s note that covers the period of time missed in class, etc.) Preferably the student should upload this documentation at the time the request is made via the website. Or you may mail, fax or email the documentation. There is only a small window in which we will consider a hardship request and we will not evaluate your request until ALL documentation is submitted to us.  Failure to submit the request and all documentation within 10 days from the date the hardship event occurred  (preferably sooner) will result in a denial of your request. Time is of the essence.

A complete request must include the following:
1. Completed online form below
2. A TYPED detailed personal statement (please limit this to 1 page); and
3. Relevant and supporting documentation that pertains to the time period at issue. Incomplete requests will be closed and denied but may be re-opened once the required documentation is submitted.

A decision will be made within 15 business days, and we will notify you via email. Please ensure we have a valid email address for you. All decisions are final. If we determine based on the circumstances to award a refund, it will be pro-rated according the remaining portion of the program.

More likely, if an exception is made it will be to allow the student to move to another subsequent class to be taken during a specifically identified period of time, usually 3-6 months.  Once a student re-enrolls, he or she will have to pay for any increases in tuition or for additional supplies or books, that may have occurred during the extension period. All decisions are final.

    First Name

    Last Name


    Date Program Began

    Date Program Ends

    Date of Request for Exception

    Upload Documents Here

    By signing my name, I certify that the information presented is true to the best of my knowledge.

    Student Signature



    Cancellation or Withdrawal from a Program by a Student:

    A student has the right to withdraw at any time. The refund policy for withdrawn or dismissed students is the same for all students. No refunds are offered after class begins. See Refund Policy above. Withdrawing or dropping out of a program does not absolve the student responsibility for payment of tuition.

    Cancellation by School: UTAH CNA Training Centers reserves the right to cancel any program or course if minimum enrollment requirements are not met. Students will be advised when a program or course is cancelled and will be provided an alternate schedule. A refund may be offered should the student demonstrate a reasonable inability to attend the new scheduled program. Furthermore, on occasion we must cancel or postpone a class due to issues beyond our control such as instructor illness or emergency, power outages, Internet access disruption, etc. We attempt to follow the course syllabus and outline including the designated days or evenings of instruction however, this is NOT ALWAYS possible. You agree to maintain a degree of flexibility in your personal and work life to accommodate potential changes to the schedule. We will work with you to ensure you complete the program but there is NO REFUND of any tuition should the school need to reschedule a class date or a clinical rotation. If a class must be cancelled, we will make every attempt to notify you via email and will inform you of alternate dates as available.

    Changes to Program dates, hours, times and instructors: Please note, class dates and times may change with little or no notice – we are very sensitive to work and personal responsibilities and we know students sometimes make complicated arrangements in order to attend school so dates and times are ONLY re-scheduled when absolutely necessary. Refunds are NOT offered due to changes in class dates or class or clinical times. In most cases we may agree to apply any program tuition to a subsequent program that better accommodates personal schedules. This new program must be taken within six months. A student must apply for this and evidence a serious inability to accommodate the new schedule. Remediation and other make up options will be first considered to mitigate issues before a decision to refund is made.

    Clinicals: A 24-hour clinical rotation is part of the program. These hours are scheduled in conjunction with availability at long term care facilities and may be scheduled for the wee hours of the morning or continue late into the night. We attempt to schedule clinicals as a class during the program – however, this is not always possible. You may be required to drive more than 30+ miles to a clinical location. We do our best to schedule your rotation during class and at a local and close facility. PLEASE manage your disappointment if this is not possible.

    Do not call the office or ask instructors to call the office to change the clinical schedule. WE ALREADY DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO ASSIST IN A SMOOTH AND EASY COMPLETION OF THIS ASPECT OF THE PROGRAM. Clinicals may change with little notice. Once clinicals are scheduled it is up to the student to make arrangements to attend as scheduled. If a student CANNOT attend scheduled clinicals, they must call the office at 801.990.9333 to add their name to a waiting list – students will be re-scheduled for clinicals at our earliest convenience – we try very hard to fit everyone in timely – flexibility and a willingness to drive outside your area is crucial. We make efforts to address personal schedules, but ultimately it is up to the student to finish the program timely. There are no refunds if cliinicals are rescheduled by the school.