As the largest provider of CNA education in the state, we recognize our responsibility to maintain safety, while continuing to educate and train CNAs.

For safety purposes, and to follow leadership guidelines, the school and all campuses are closed to the public until further notice. Office staff will be responding to email and returning phone calls but they are available in person by appointment only.

All classes have been shifted to an online format. Many requirements are being waived in order to more easily facilitate the certification of CNAs in training. Fewer requirements means that it has never been easier to become an CNA. Read more and register here

Please review the following list of questions and answers that address the current situation and what you can expect down the road.  Please, keep your calls to a minimum so we have time to deal with the situation.

 Question: I am currently in a class, when will I complete it?

Answer: If your class was interrupted, please check your email. You have been sent access to the online material along with instructions on completing your class. 

Question: If I paid for a class that has not yet started when will I start?

Answer: Your class will continue as scheduled with the majority of coursework completed online within 30 days. Here’s how it will work:

On your first day of class, you will attend a brief, small-group orientation, where you receive your textbook and supplies and practice some skills. After orientation, you will gain access to the online material, where you will have 30 days to complete it. Upon completion of online coursework, you will attend 16 hours of in-person skills training in a small group. Students who successfully complete Orientation, online coursework, and skills training will be eligible to test for state exams.  

Question: How are we completing clinicals?

Answer: Right now, all  long-term-care facilities used as clinical sites are closed to students. The elderly are the most vulnerable population and we need to protect them. The state has waived the requirement for clinical rotations at this time. Instead of completing all of the class time and 24 hours of clinicals, the 16 hours of skills practice will be sufficient for students to test, according to UNAR.

Question: If classes are online, why do we have to come for Orientation and Skills?

Answer: There are portions of the CNA program that simply cannot be taught or learned remotely. CNA Students are expected to perform vitally important skills at the state skills exam you will need practice with the proper equipment and professional guidance to learn these skills. Orientation and Skills training sessions will be held in small groups with strict safety measures in place. Students will be screened and turned away upon suspicion of illness. 

Question: Is the UNAR open?

Answer: No, but they are responding to emails and returning calls. On their website it says:

“In an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the UNAR office is closed. Staff are continuing to meet the needs of our customers through email and phone messaging. You may drop off paperwork at the UNAR office, utilizing the drop box located in the UNAR hall of the Simmons Building as long as the Simmons Building remains open. Contents of the drop box will be collected Tuesday and Friday mornings and then quickly processed. Renewal paperwork will also be accepted through email during this time. You can reach UNAR staff by emailing us at or calling 801-547-9947 and leaving a voice message. (”

Question: Can we still test with the state?

Answer: Yes, but availability may be limited during this time. Testing sites make their own safety decisions on whether to be open to testing during this time. Some are open, some are not. UNAR is working to make sure testing continues to be available for students. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. Please follow state and federal guidelines for social distancing and maintain excellent hand hygiene. We are proud to serve our community with vital education in this time of need. Stay safe.

-Utah CNA Training Centers Staff