Each session is a stand-alone ‘course’ so participants may take the sessions in any order. Each session has individualized handout packets that pertain to the lesson and skills taught in each session.

All sessions begin and end the same way and all have the same materials: These include a PPT that includes didactic (educational knowledge) information, skills review and videos, additional resources handouts, demonstrations, group discussions, skills practice, session survey and ending procedures.

Following our procedures will allow you to offer a program easily and simply. Once you are a Certified Family Caregiver Training Program Instructor you may offer a program at any appropriate venue; hospital, LTC facility, Assisted Living Facility etc. and at any time so long as you offer all five sessions. Certain requirements for the location include:

The training space must be able to accommodate several participants, desks or tables and chairs, audio-visual equipment to show PPTs and videos and must at a minimum have at least:

  • One bed (preferably more)
  • One medical manikin (one for each bed)
  • Adaptive devices such as bed pans, urinals, wheelchairs, gait belts, BP cuffs and stethoscopes, bedside commode, gloves, wipes, draw sheets, oxygen tank and canister, cannula, nail trimmers, dentures, positioning pillows, etc. A full list of all equipment and supplies are listed by session.

Using mock equipment – two chairs put together to create a bed, for example is not appropriate.

The Process is:

  • Obtain Certified Instructor status (must attend all sessions and must attend at least one before you can take the train-the-trainer program)
  • Request a date and times to offer a program (there is a form to fill out on the website for this purpose)
  • Advertise the program to a specific community or the community at large. Please use our marketing flyers and handouts.
  • Review the session lesson plans, and print all handouts for all participants
  • Before the session starts, log into Moodle and make sure the PPT lesson plan is ready
  • Launch the Welcome repeating PPT presentation until the session begins.
  • Print the Attendance Roster we will email to you before each session
  • Ensure all participants have signed a Participation Agreement (if their name is on the Attendance Roster you can be assured they signed an agreement, if not, hand out and collect a filled in and signed copy before class begins)
  • Have participants sign in on the Attendance Roster
  • Proved each participant with the handout packets (Lesson, skills and additional resources)
  • Follow the Lesson plan; begin by reading the Welcome statement from the school
  • Introduce yourself and facility, if time allow participants to introduce themselves (small group)
  • At the end, collect Session Surveys, all participation agreements if any, and the Attendance Roster for this session and return them to the school within (5) five business days.