MOODLE: Our online classroom learning environment

EMT UTAH has contracted with Cole Holland College to provide an online system to allow EMS students to access documents and information necessary for successful completion of their program. Cole Holland College is an ABHES accredited school but the inclusion of these courses in Moodle is not a representation of accreditation by ABHES.  EMT UTAH is not accredited, though our EMS programs are approved by BEMS and do lead to certification for students who pass the State of Utah exams.

Students will need to use our online classroom environment while enrolled in an EMS  program. Once you register for a program you will receive an email with instructions on how to enroll in the program electronically. We will also send you information on how to access Moodle.

For those students who need a Basic Life Support CPR class recognized by BEMS please visit the UEMTC at to register for a course – this is a non-profit organization that offers CPR classes in our Orem training location.