Image result for test prepAbout This Course: By regulation, we are required to teach more than 70 skills and a lot of important information in the Nurse Assistant program. However, not everything you learn is tested. This test preparation course focuses ONLY on the knowledge you need to know to pass the Utah State Knowledge exam.

Testing Status: Students who take this course must be in an active testing status and meet the following requirements:

  1. This course is included for students enrolled in our CNA program after Jan. 1, 2019 who have paid the full tuition. For students who did not take the CNA course before Jan. 2019 who want to take the course are allowed to do so.
  2. The student must have completed Utah CNA Training Center’s approved CNA program and must still have at least one opportunity left to test. The student has one year and three attempts to pass each exam.
  3. The CNA who has let his or her certification lapse for less than 12 months has one chance to retake and pass the state exams. These courses(s) help maximize the student’s success as they only have one chance to pass.

Note: The school is NOT obligated to and does NOT verify the testing status or the ability for the student to test. Students who take Test Prep course(s) who are then not allowed to test are not entitled to a refund. Please make sure you are currently eligible to take the state tests before you register for this class!

Knowledge Test Prep Course Tuition:

Free for current Utah CNA Training Centers student’s who have paid $495 in tuition. This and the skills test prep course is included in your tuition
$25 for Utah CNA Training Center students who have already taken the course and have not paid the $495 tuition
$100 for non-Utah CNA Training Center students

Knowledge Course Online Resources Include:

  • Access to the PowerPoint Lectures created for all 16 Units of the Utah Nursing Assistant Curriculum – State exams are based off these learning objectives
  • A Study Guide
  • Study and test taking tips
  • Online vocabulary and abbreviation flash cards and games

Once you have accessed the course you will continue to have access for 90 days only, Students cannot share access with others. IP addresses are recorded. Violators may be assessed a $300 penalty.