A Career in Health Care is a Great Choice – Health care jobs are growing and expected to out pace the growth of any industry for the next 20 years! The best place to begin your career in health care is as a Certified Nurse Assistant; jobs are plentiful, experiences vary and you learn the basics of medical terminology, patient assessment and care, anatomy, body systems and disease states. Many CNA’s work for some time as a CNA and then move on to other careers. Here is a sample of programs offered by Cole Holland College and EMT Utah. Cole Holland College, an ACCREDITED institution offers programs in Medical Assisting, Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and non-vocational workshops in Anatomy & Physiology, IV Placement Certification, Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy Cadaver Lab and Computer Fundamentals.

Medical Assistant

An exciting opportunity exists in the world of Medical Assisting. In fact according to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Medical Assistant employment is expected to grow by 31 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand will stem from physicians hiring more medical assistants to do routine administrative and clinical duties so that physicians can see more patients.

Cole Holland College, an accredited sister school to AAA CNA Training Centers offers a Medical Assistant program that is 15 months long and allows graduates to work as Medical Assistants. Financial assistance is available.


Emergency Medical Technician and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – As Seen on ABC 4 My Utah Career, a career in EMS services is exciting and rewarding!

Cole Holland College offers a robust EMT and A-EMT program – that prepares students for a career in EMS services. Placement in the field of EMS is broad with graduates working at hospitals, ambulances, fire departments, wildlife and fire rescue services, etc. For more information on a career in EMS services contact Cole Holland College for a tour an overview of the program. More information is also available on the website at www.coleholland.edu.


IV Placement Certification – this all day workshop teaches students how to correctly place an IV and it includes the open and closed IV placement procedure. This course is outside the scope for a CNA – but students who plan to attend a program in nursing, medical assisting, phlebotomy, or EMS are well advised to add this certification and training to their resume.


Human Anatomy Cadaver Lab! AAA CNA Training Centers, in partnership with the Institute of Human Anatomy, is the only CNA program in Utah that offers a rare opportunity for CNA students and graduates to attend a human anatomy cadaver lab!

This is an opportunity for students to understand the amazing complexity, beauty and functionality of the human body through the examination of a human cadaver. Anyone who has attended a program at any of our four CNA locations for AAA CNA Training Centers, Cole Holland College or EMT Utah enjoy a $25.00 discount for the workshop.To register online for this opportunity, please click here or go to http://www.coleholland.com/workshops/human-anatomy-workshop-2/


Call us at 801.759.5164 or check out Cole Holland College on the web at www.coleholland.com.