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Welcome to Utah CNA Training Centers!

Utah’s Premiere Source for Certified Nurse Assistant Training!

New – Logan, Utah Location!

We train more CNA students in Utah than anyone! We are EXPERTS in CNA training!!! Come find out why more students choose us for their training than anyone else. With FIVE locations and day, evening and weekend classes, we have a class for everyone.

sealLargeWe are on the Approved Utah Nursing Assistant Registry – Registered by the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry

We also offer many resources other schools do not. These include an electronic classroom that offers a flash card program, a test bank with over 2500 questions so you can practice taking tests, a spelling program, job development resources, optional Computer Fundamentals program, and an optional human anatomy cadaver lab that teaches anatomy through the examination of a real body.

At $325, the program at Utah CNA Training Centers is one of the lowest priced programs in Utah and is high intensity with lots of hands on practice at our training facilities! According to the Utah Nurse Assistant Registry, Utah CNA Training Centers has a state pass rate of 95% – one of the highest in Utah. Come train at one of our convenient locations in Salt Lake City, Murray, Orem, Clearfield, or Logan. A location in St. George coming soon. Register and pay online and have access to a wealth of information and training in Moodle – an amazing online training resource with videos, test banks, job resources and more.

When you graduate from one of our CNA classes, you will be prepared to take the state exam, receive your Utah Certified Nursing Assistant certification and enter the medical industry with confidence! Class size, equipment, hospital beds and supplies vary by location.

The $325 tuition of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training includes:

  • Use of a Textbook
  • NEW: Workbook you can keep
  • NEW: Access to MOODLE – our online Classroom Learning Environment with additional resources.
  • 64 Hours of CNA classroom instruction at our state of the art training facilities on approved equipment!
  • 16 Hours of CNA clinical instruction at one of our many health care facilities in Utah!
  • State CNA Practice exams which you can take as many times as you need to until you are ready to take the Utah State CNA Test. A flash card program to help you learn vocabulary and abbreviations, candidate handbook, and other supplementary materials – NEW!
  • Confirm your seat in our next CNA class with just a $100 deposit! The remaining $225 is due on the 1st day of class.

Program Expectations and pre-requisites: Students must be at least 16 years of age and must be proficient in English both written and oral. Students need a BP cuff and stethoscope on the first day of class. All students in all locations must wear scrubs during the entire program including clinicals. Please enroll in a program you know you can attend – it is difficult to make up this time and the UNAR requires 100% attendance for ALL 80 hours without exception. Call us for more information.

Additional Training: Utah CNA Training Centers is a sister school to Cole Holland College. For more information about additional training as a Medical Assistant visit Cole Holland College at This is an accredited institution and offers financial assistance. For more information about training as an Emergency Medical Technician or Advanced Emergency Medical Technician visit EMT UTAH.

Daytime Class (2 weeks M-F – Clinicals Included) 9:00am – 5:30pm
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Evening Class (3 weeks M-F + 2 clinical days on Sat. and Sun.) 6:00pm -10:15pm
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Weekend Class (5 weekends) 9:00am – 5:30pm
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Did you know that 78 Million Americans or 30% of the population today is represented by individuals who within the next 20 years will need assisted care or long term care! That’s a lot of CNA jobs!

CNA’s employed in the United States represent approximately 1.7 million jobs in 2009 and is expected to grow 19 percent over the next ten years, in response to the growing long-term care needs of a rapidly increasing population of elderly people!

Where you get your CNA training is VITALLY important when it comes to your success on the State test, your clinical hours and hands on examination and in the workforce. We provide just the right balance of Book Training, Hands on, and Clinical experience to ensure you a passing grade. We are dedicated to you as a student and we want you to not only get your Utah CNA certification, we want to see you excel in your career! As indicated above with our 93% pass rate, you know you have the opportunity to be a successful CNA Candidate. Our staff is kind, helpful, and qualified. Training with Utah CNA Training Centers is your best choice for Certified Nursing Assistant Training in Utah!

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