The company that creates and administers the State of Utah  (UNAR) written exam for Nurse Assistants provides an opportunity for students to take a simulated exam very similar to the one you will take when you test. This can be taken on any computer. Be sure you set aside enough time to FINISH the test once you start as the pin (Series ID) expires once it is begun. One pin or testing code per person is allowed.

This is a 100 question exam created by the same company that creates the ‘real’ exam. The Practice Exam simulates the 100 question written (online) exam.  The exam prepares you for the real exam by providing you with a score and information on what you need to study.  You can write down what you missed and study what you need based on the information the exam provides.

If you would like a chance to see how you do on a practice test, you may purchase a testing pin bundle from us and try it out. The cost of the bundle is 2 PINs for $10.00 (you may purchase the same pin directly from the UNAR for $7.50). To purchase the pin go to the Gear Shop  and pay for it there. Once we receive the order we will EMAIL you the testing site URL and the PIN number. It may only be used ONCE. This is a manual process, so if you order the pin after office hours or on the weekend or holiday, the pin will be sent to you on the next business day. Please do not call the school about the pin until at least one full business day has passed.

We suggest you write down any questions you miss and study before you take the real test. Students who use the practice test perform 42% better on the real exam.

Once an exam begins you must complete all 100 questions or the Series ID will become invalid and you must purchase another code.