Dependability: Employers all have certain core expectations for employees, but at the top of the list is dependability. Employers want employees who show up and who take personal ownership of their performance in all aspects of their job. Be on time, dress appropriately, act professionally, avoid gossip or arguments, and demonstrate a high commitment to the aims of the organization.

Trustworthiness: Employers want to know they can trust you with work assignments. They want to be able to COUNT on you to do what you say you will do on a consistent basis. Employers want employees who follow through and are faithful to the commitments they make.

Well-Trained and Good at their Job: Employers do not want to do a lot of on-the-job training. Some is always necessary – but employees who show up with all the right skills – and who demonstrate a capacity to perform at high levels will not only get hired, they will get promoted. Poor communication or computer skills, a lack of understanding about how to perform the job or a need for constant reassurance and retraining can be disastrous. Make sure you show up with the BEST resume. Learn to communicate orally, in writing and on the computer. Master all the skills you will use.

CNA ClassesFinally, having a positive attitude goes a long way. Be cheerful and helpful. Don’t be the one that whines and complains all the time. Be self-directed. Look for ways to improve the situation – bring value by thinking about ways to be more efficient and effective. Rise to every occasion and then some – these are the employees who will climb the ladder of success.