You learned A LOT of skills in your CNA course, but not all of the skills you learned appear on the state exams. This test preparation course focuses ONLY on the skills you need to know to pass the Utah State Skills exam. If you would like extra help preparing for the Knowledge exam, consider taking the Knowledge Test Prep Course. Better yet, take both! 

$75 for Utah CNA Training Centers Students
$125 for non-Utah CNA Training Centers Students


  • Students must be currently eligible to take a state Skills Exam.
  • The student must have completed a Utah approved CNA program with at least one opportunity left to test.

Course Includes:

  • 6 hours of Instructor-led Skills practice, either in one 6-hour daytime session or two 3-hour evening sessions.
  • At least one pass at each of the 22 skills that are tested at the State Skills Exam.
  • A skills pass off form for students to track their proficiency
  • Online Resources Included:
    • Skills Cards
    • Skills Videos
    • Online flashcards

For all the details, visit the Overview. Ready to enroll? Choose a location below to view dates and get started.