Family Caregiver Training – FREE

cna16_webcard_famcare_v02In partnership with the the Utah Department of Health Alzheimer’s and Other Related Dementia’s Program and the Division of Aging and Adult Services for the State of Utah, Utah CNA Training Centers offers  this not-for-profit Community Health Program serving family caregivers in Utah.

There are five sessions covering different topics of providing care. The class is totally FREE; all that is required is online registration prior to the class.

There are many resources to help caregivers deal with caring for another adult including respite care, support groups, counseling etc. But there aren’t many hands-on resources — the nuts and bolts of physically caring for another adult. Until now. Most sessions include hands-on training. Taught by a nurse with a background in education, each session offers tried-and-true methods that nurses and other health care providers use in hospitals, nursing homes and rehab facilities.

For a more detailed overview of the program, click here. READ MORE ABOUT EACH SESSION BELOW, THEN CLICK THE LOCATION BOX AT THE END OF THE PAGE TO REGISTER. Classes are held at our Murray campus, which is ADA accessible.

Session Descriptions:

Session 1____________________________
Personal Hygiene (Hands-on Training)
Bed Bath & In-Bed Hair Washing
Perineal/Genital Care
Changing an Adult Brief
Skin Check/Observation
Shower Assistance

Session 2                                        
Moving & Positioning (Hands-on Training)
Basic Positions and Best Use
Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Warning Signs
Body Mechanics and Self Safety
Transferring Safely
Adaptive Equipment and Proper Use

Session 3                                        
Vulnerable Elder Care (Classroom Lecture)
Death & Dying – Living Wills, Medical Power of Attorney, POLST Orders
Common Emergencies – What to Look for (stroke, heart attack, sepsis, falls, etc.)
Medications & How to Read Prescription Labels
Vial of Life

Session 4                                         
Promoting Cleanliness (Hands-on Training)
Bedmaking – Unoccupied/Occupied, Draw Sheets, Bedpads
Handwashing/Preventing the Spread of Infection
Vital Signs – Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respirations
Oxygen Use & Safety

Session 5____________________________          
Dementia and Related Disorders  (Classroom Lecture)
Assisting with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) for people with Alzheimers & Related Dementias
Difficult Behavior and How to Deal with them