There are 40.4 million Family Caregivers providing support and care for loved ones at home. And though there are some resources to help family caregivers including respite care, support groups, counseling etc., there aren’t many hands-on resources — the nuts and bolts of physically caring for another adult. Until now.

Helping You Help Others: In partnership with the the Utah Department of Health Alzheimer’s and Other Related Dementia’s Program and the Division of Aging and Adult Services for the State of Utah, Utah CNA Training Centers offers the Family Caregivers Training Program; a not-for-profit Community Health Program serving family caregivers in Utah.

What it is: This free Family Caregiver Training program offers five sessions (2 hours each) for family caregivers  to learn useful hands on training to assist them in their care of an aging loved one. The five sessions cover different topics of providing care. The class is totally FREE; all that is required is online registration prior to the class.

Basic Human Needs:
Assistance with Nutrition, Hydration, Sleeping, Breathing, & Elimination. Proper Hand Washing, use of bedside commode, bedpans & urinals and how to take Vital Signs.

Activities of Daily Living Essentials I : 
Assisting with Daily Activities; Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, grooming. Use of assistive/adaptive devices, Body Positions, Positioning & Moving, Fall Prevention, Range of Motion. Skills includes learning Pivot Transfer and ambulation tips (use of gait belt), dental and oral care, care of hands and feet.

Activities of Daily Living Essentials II: 
Self Care & Comforting, In-Bed Care; shower assistance, changing an adult brief, peri-care, bed sore prevention, skin integrity issues and making an occupied bed (it can be done!). Simple Yoga for Self Care.

Health and Health Care Systems: Care at Home: Infection Control, Vaccines, Preventable re-hospitalizations, Care Transitions, Medical Emergencies, Dying Care & Preparation, Grief, Living Wills, DNR orders and the Vial of Life Program

Dementia and Alzheimer’s:
What Alzheimer’s and Dementia is, Adapting at Home, Managing Difficult Behaviors. Compassion Fatigue, How to Get help.

For a full overview of the program, click here

This program has been years in the making and is always improving! Thank you for your patience while we make exciting new updates and changes to the Family Caregiver Program. Please contact us if you have input and stay tuned – the best is yet to come!