The success of the Family Caregiver Training  Program – five unique two-hour sessions aimed at training family caregivers in ways to physically care for a loved one safely and effectively – has been overwhelming.

Utah CNA Training and Staffing Centers has created a Train-the-Trainer course that will empower healthcare professionals to offer and teach this valuable Family Caregiver Training. Instead of limiting access to only our five locations and only when we can afford to pay for an instructor, this program will prepare Certified Instructors to teach the free program all over the state to a variety of needy families and caregivers. Train-the-Trainer gives you access to the techniques we teach and our training resources for all five 2-hour sessions including PPTs, handouts, videos, online resources, lesson plans etc. If you haven’t yet, familiarize yourself with the material covered by the Family Caregiver Training.

Utah CNA Training and Staffing Centers offers the Family Caregiver Training Program in partnership with the Utah Department of Health Alzheimer’s and Other Related Dementia’s Program and the Division of Aging and Adult Services for the State of Utah. The Family Caregivers Training Program is a not-for-profit Community Health Program serving family caregivers in Utah.

Requirements and Expectations:

  • You must attend at LEAST one full session of Family Caregiver Training before attending a Train-the-Trainer course,
  • Before being certified as a Family Caregiver Instructor, you must attend all five sessions of Family Caregiver Training or a full-day workshop. You can attend Train-the-Trainer after having only attended one session, but will only be certified after attending all five.
  • Unless indicated as closed, you may sign up for any full day or two hour session of train-the-trainer

To ensure the integrity of the program and to acknowledge the contributions of the Utah CNA Training and Staffing Centers,  contributors must agree to utilize our processes, systems, and materials in teaching the program. Instructors and organizations are prohibited from charging any fees for access to the program. It is now and will always remain a free resource for our family caregivers to reach more diverse communities in the state of Utah.

Click below for dates. Once you register we will email you a copy of the Instructor Guide and Overview Handout. Please print these and bring to the session with you!