CNA Refresher $225

doctorsCertified Nurse Assistant Refresher Course – Tuition $225 for 76 hours of classroom lecture and skills review. The course does not include a clinical rotation but students may purchase a clinical for $50 per day/evening shift.

IMPORTANT! You must have a current State Application to the UNAR in order to take this class. If you have let your certification lapse for less than one year, you can renew your certification by taking the state exams again. You get one chance to pass. The refresher Course betters your odds of passing as you refresh on all the current skills and didactic information found on the state skills and written exams. If you do not have a valid state issued voucher to test and your certification has lapsed longer than a year, you must take the full course. If you are not sure which course is right for you, call us at 801.990.9333.

We are not responsible for making sure you take the correct course. Double Check!

Program overview: Students who still have a current Voucher to test with the State of Utah Nurse Assistant Registry and have not taken the state exam but who feel like they need to refresh on skills or classroom topics may take this course. Students whose certification expired less than a year ago from the time the course ENDS may take this class in preparation for testing one time with the state.

Students in this course may attend any course offered in any location. The use of a textbook is included but students in the refresher course do not get a workbook. A student may purchase a workbook for $20 in class. Other supplies such as a BP Cuff and Stethoscope, gait belt or watch is NOT included. Attendance at clinicals is not included, but may be added for an additional $50 per day. An application for a Testing Voucher will NOT be issued.

Tuition includes: Use of a textbook and 76 hours of lecture and skills practice.  A workbook is NOT included in your tuition. You will NOT receive an application for a Testing Voucher.

facebook like buttonUtah CNA Training Centers is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property in the classrooms, parking lots or bathroom or break rooms, or at clinicals.  Please ensure that all belongings are properly secured or left at home.